What to Consider When Choosing a Blender Model

You must be aware of that there are mainly four kinds of blenders available in the market i.e. Hand/Immersion Blenders, Countertop Blenders, Personal Bullet Blenders, and High-Performance Blenders. It is very important to know the best blenders for smoothies that suits your budget and lifestyle. And once you are done with this step, you need to check which one is the right model for you.

To select the right model, here are some important factors you need to consider before buying one. So check what and why it is really important.

1. Number of People to Serve

It totally depends on your family’s need. Some blenders are available with a family-sized jar while others have a single or two serves. Select one that matches your family’s requirements, especially if you have kids- since this is the best thing that brings them healthier and nutrient-rich food that they would actually love to have.

2. Available Storage Space

No doubt, when it comes to storage size matters a lot. So have you checked if you have enough space for the blender, its different attachments, accessories and jars? If you have a small kitchen, purchase the model that fits on your kitchen counter.

3. Ease of Clean-Up

Make sure that your jar is dishwasher safe. Also, check that it is designed as an easy to clean 1-piece. Blenders having touchpads are easier to keep clean instead those having knobs and dials.

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4. Available Blending Controls

Blenders with more blending speed have more control over the blending process. Though, 5 speeds with a pulse are enough. The pulse setting is useful when you have frozen or other tough ingredients. It is also helpful if you want to chop ingredients without over-processing them.

5. How Powerful is the Motor?

This one is the deciding factor regarding the quality of the results. Power of the motor will determine if your smoothies are really smooth? If your blender is capable of crushing ice effectively?

To get the quality results, above 800 watts is recommended. You may get less impressive results with a weaker blender. Other factors that could affect your final results, even more, is the engineering of the blade and jar. This is the reason why the watts feature is often overrated. Always compare the user ratings and feedback on how their beverages turn out.

6. What Type of Material is the Jar made of?

Blender jars usually made up of three kind of materials, either plastic, glass or stainless steel. Those who prefer to have a lightweight and easy to handle blender they go for PLASTIC one. But be careful, as it might absorb odours, and can even stain and starch. If you are buying a plastic pitcher, make sure it is BPA free which is a safer option for the foods.

On the other side, glass jars are heavy and unbreakable but do not absorb odours or starch easily. But let me warn you that having a glass jar is not safe to use with powerful blenders. Why we are saying this because if you forget any metal object in the glass jar, it could shatter and can possibly cause injuries.

blender for smoothies

Stainless steel is the last option left if you don’t want to use glass or plastic jar. It is not that much useful as you cannot see the contents while it is blending.

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